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Fishing with Kids, 1st time

Joe WiegandComment

Fishing with kids can be difficult. They want to go, but they don't really know what to do. They are kids, so if nothing happens in the first few minutes they get bored and want to do something else.  Grandpa always believed you should never force a kid to fish. Instead, try to get them to be patient and wait for the fish to bite. However, if they want to throw rocks or something else, let them. This is supposed to be a fun time. If they don't have fun because you are making them sit still, they will not want to fish again.  It helps if the fish start biting right away, but if they don't, keep trying. As soon as you start to see some action call the kid back. After several fish and a few good/fun trips they will start to learn patience and understand the process. We have had several kids come to our event that go through the training and then don't want to fish. That's okay, we let them play.  We had two girls this year. One didn't want to fish (she was very shy) and the other stopped after a few minutes.  After about an hour the girl that had stopped was back trying because other people had caught fish, and she saw their excitement. The shy girl waited until almost the end. When about half the people had left, she started to fish and caught two fish before she left.  They may never fish again, but I believe they learned something and had fun by the end of the day. We would consider that a success. We are realistic in our expectations and know that not every kid will continue fishing. It is our goal to have a fun day and expose them to the sport.

Joe / Lazy Z